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Our Law Firm Provides Outstanding Legal Representation – If You Have Been Charged with a Driving Charge or Traffic Violation, You Need to Work with an Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney from Denver Traffic Lawyer, LLC.

We Handle the Following Types of Cases:

Drivers License Charges and Restraints – Driving Without a Drivers License (DWDL), Driving Under Restraint of Suspension (DUS), Driving Under Restraint of Revocation (DUR), Driving Under Restraint of Denial (DUD), and Driving Under Restraint of Cancellation.

Traffic Tickets and Driving Charges – Speeding Tickets, Careless and Reckless Driving, Driving Under Restraint, No Proof of Insurance (NPOI), Red Light and Stop Sign Violations, Improper and Unlawful Turns, Following Too Closely and Many Other Traffic Violations.

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Holders – Traffic Charges Involving Professional Drivers and CDL Drivers, Serious Disqualifications, Major Disqualifications, Commercial Drivers License Suspensions Due to Unpaid Tickets, Mandatory Court Appearances, and Non-Resident Violator Compact and National Driver Register Issues.

Out-of-State Residents and Non-Colorado Residents – Traffic Charges Involving Out-of-State and Non-Colorado Residents, Out-of-State Drivers Suspensions Due to Unpaid Tickets, Non-Colorado Residents Mandatory Court Appearances and Non-Resident Violator Compact and National Driver Register Issues.

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