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I enjoy helping people make website that could earn passive income of a full time job.

Since the beginning of 2004, I have started my first venture in website development; plainly because I wanted to have my own personal website to brag about. Though everything was simple and coded using the same basic HTML that I learned a little back in High school, it was a big step that became the foundation for many greater things later.

I opened my second site a year later, namely The Arts of Martial Arts, powered by WordPress and hosted on Hostgator. During this period, I was also attending a karate class at a local college and found my long lost interest in martial arts once again since my childhood. Yet this time, I wanted to put down everything I have learned as my own online archive. But a lot people enjoy reading it.

I didn’t have much experience in the online passive income field then, let alone making any money from it. I knew how to monetize a website by using Google Adsnese but did not earn much for the whole first one and a half year. All I focused on was writing content after content after content simply because of, well, passion. It was a whole lot of effort in researching different martial arts styles along with their history, philosophies and the respective masters, etc…but I did not feel overwhelmed or stressed. The site grew and it was built naturally out of pure interest.

One of the topics that appeals to me the most was the arts of Feng Shui (Chinese interior designs) that involves decorating & positioning items in the house in which ways that could change the energy of the building and how that could affect the occupants. Fascinating arts. Many of the biggest companies seriously use Fengshui to increase luck and fortune, but I digress.

koi-pond-teahouse-webWhen I was posting an article on the website, I realized that more often than not I wanted to show an item or an object orientation that is available on So I was looking for a plugin to show Amazon product. It was then a I discovered Amazon affiliate program and then I found out a bunch more of other systems. Basically, you earn commission for an online sale through any of those retailers. Long story short, the website brought me almost $20,000 from sales and ads in its second year — 2009. If you are interested in learning more about how it works, check out these two articles that I recently published:

That was my first venture in finding a feasible passive income and please let me emphasis this: it sounds like it is really easy here, but there was no overnight success or instant gratification. In fact, there were so many rainy days that I just wanted to give it all up. I was buried in bills and rent that we were close to get kicked out of the apartment. Thing was really more difficult than it may seem.

One of the toughest challenges for internet entrepreneurs is to have someone who mentally support or understand what we do. You can be pretty much alone in this battle when your friends and family do not know exactly what you are doing and they could be very negative towards it. It’s the road less traveled and it’s not easy to see the dollar immediately rollling as that minimum wage job. But no matter what stay rooted for your dream, use any doubt to fuel your motivation and simply make it happen. One day you come drive off in an R8 or Lamborghini and you will feel grateful for everything, every hour you are working hard instead of playing this day.

Anyway…I hope you like the reading. This is also an example of profile listing on Local Success where people like us could find more audience, friends and prospect for our business by being able to relate to our story.

I have just opened myself to the world. I have showed chapter II of my book to you and thank you for reading this thus far. Now you know how my journey started, you learn about one of my websites — and chance is you will check it out sooner or later. I have also told you the hosting service that I’m using above; which I am affiliated with. There is nothing extraordinary about what I did and I am just like most of people out there who had nothing to begin with. Did I mention life was also much harder with kids ? But it’s worth it.


Now back to the point. Once you get people to know you at a more personal level, you not only earn an audience but also friends who trust you and friends who can teach or learn from you. They will more likely to follow your advice and buy from your recommendation more than just one time –if the product you introduce is actually good. Don’t bullshit the world with those single landing page or lead site, they are just stupid ad with no useful content.

That is the purpose of Local Success Directory. We want to help entrepreneurs like you grow your business by expanding your network naturally –not by trying to sell people stuffs, but helping you get more friends and give them what they really need. I can also guarantee that it is not just about who you know, but who they know. As an entrepreneur, I am sure you know how valuable that is.

I wish you succeed in your venture. You can reach out for me on Facebook or at Linkedin. By the way, share you story on Local Success, too!

— Paul L.

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