10 Secret Insider Pro Tips You Could Use at A Casino

While playing a table game at a casino, secretly pocket some of your own chips so that when you color out, the pit boss marks you down as losing more money than you actually did, and spending more money gets you more comps.

Keep in mind the dealers do have an idea of how much you actually lost so you can’t go crazy with it. Also if they catch you doing it more than once, they will tell the pit boss about it. It’s not illegal or anything to take your own chips off your stack, but they don’t like people trying to lie about how much they won or lost. When you’re done at the table, ask to color out and the dealer will exchange your chips for higher denomination ones so they’re easier for you to hold/carry. They then call the pit boss over to look at the chips and make sure the dealer exchanged for the right amount. This is when the pit boss sees what you’re walking away with and marks down how much you won or lost.

-When you leave a table, always cash your chips in at the cage before going to another table and then buy in with cash again at the new table so it appears that you are spending more. In the casinos eyes, if you sit down at a new table with chips from another table, then you’re not spending more money, just the same money at a different table. You want it to look like you’re spending a lot. The pit boss keeps track of how much you are buying in for each time you sit down at a table (you always give them your players card when you sit down so they can put the info on your account.)They also keep track of how much you are wagering per hand, but in my opinion it’s not worth it to wager more than you’re comfortable with just to increase your comps. You could end up losing a LOT more money than what the comps will be worth.

  • It’s becoming more and more common for casinos in Vegas to charge for parking, but parking is free for people in the higher tiers of the players club. People accidentally leave their players club cards in slot machines, and if you can find a higher tier card someone lost you can use it at the parking ticket machine for free parking. For a more ethical version, simply ask someone if they can get an extra copy of their card made for you to use for this purpose. It’s easy to get a card made up and many people have 2 or more. You can’t do anything else with it without knowing their PIN so it’s pretty harmless. You can also google which casinos offer free parking and see if there’s one within walking distance to your destination.
  • If you want to watch a game or otherwise hang out in the sports book but don’t want to pay ridiculous drink prices, find out what their policy is for complimentary drinks for the people betting on horses. A sports bet will get you one comp drink voucher, but many casinos have a policy where horse players get free drinks without needing to use the drink vouchers. (This has something to do with horse betting being parimutuel; the casino makes money whether you win or lose. Horse players also tend to spend a lot of money going to the window and betting before each race, sometimes multiple tracks at once.) Sit in the horse betting area, turn your little personal TV to a racing channel, get a racing program and find some losing wager tickets someone left around so it looks like you’re betting horses and enjoy free drinks. You’ll be able to see the sports from that area too. You may have to place a bet on a race once in a while to keep the facade going, but it’s still cheaper than paying full price for the drinks (minimum bet on a horse race is $2). You would also get a free drink voucher when you make the bet; if you ask politely they might give you two of them. And who knows, maybe your horse will win ;)
  • When you’re playing a slot machine or table game, cocktail waitresses come around and serve complimentary drinks. If you want a mixed drink, such as vodka and cranberry, ask for one vodka and one cranberry and then mix them together yourself as they are quite stingy on the liquor in the comp mixed drinks. Tip your cocktail waitress well; it will ensure your drinks get to you quickly. Plus those poor women have to deal with a lot of drunk assholes all day and it’s just a nice thing to do. Besides, a buck or two is still a lot cheaper than if you’d have paid full price for the drink.
  • Casinos usually have different lines for people to wait on at the box office, players club help desk, hotel registration, etc. One line for the members in the lowest tiers of the players club, one for the “elite” tier members. The elite line is usually a lot shorter and gets priority. You can stand on this line and then pretend you didn’t know the difference once it’s your turn, there’s a good chance they’ll just let it slide.
  • If you’re a girl, hang out by a crowded craps table, act excited/interested and mention you’ve never played before. Everyone will want you to roll the dice and some might throw you a dollar chip (or more!) if they make money on your roll. This is more likely to happen with older wealthy looking gentlemen and in my experience has the lowest success rate of all the things on this list, but does happen. just FYI.
  • Speaking of craps- it’s not really unethical, but you’re kind of seen as a jerk if you bet the don’t pass line because you’re betting against the shooter. I don’t play craps often, but the way I see it is that they wouldn’t have the craps table if it wasn’t a money maker, so the majority of people must be losing at least some money. If you do the opposite of the majority maybe you’ll do better? I’ve found that when a shooter is hot but then something happens to delay their roll, like the dice go off the table or something, they seven out on the next roll. So that’s when I’d bet the don’t pass. Is this just me being superstitious? yeah probably.
  • To kill some time and get free drinks, put 5 bucks in one of those old-ish Game King multi-game machines and play keno for 5 cents per game. You can make $5 last a long time. Personally I play caveman keno and pick only 4 numbers, while my boyfriend always picks 10 numbers and goes through his $5 while I stay about even. Note that at some casinos, the cocktail waitresses will actually look at your machine and tell you that you have to be betting over 75 cents (or some amount) per pull in order to get comp drinks but I’ve only seen that happen a few times, I forget which casinos that was at. It’s also pretty normal for them to tell you that you have to be wagering over a certain amount per hand at the table games, or to have a certain level players card, in order to get the top shelf liquor for free.
  • The bars in the casino are stocked with matches so you could grab a bunch for free and maybe a few pens too. They could come in handy or also make for a souvenir if you’re on vacation.
  • If you make a complaint about something and bitch long enough about it, the host or manager will probably offer you a voucher for free dinner at one of the casino’s restaurants, or a bottle of wine, or a discount on your room if you’re staying there. I’ve only done this once because they put me up in a disgusting room that was absolutely filthy; they moved me to a new room and gave me a complimentary meal at one of their restaurants. But you could probably make something up to bitch about if you want to get “unethical” about it.
  • If you’re trying to raise enough tier points to get to a higher level players card (free parking!) without actually spending money, you could have the players club desk print you a bunch of copies of your card and stick them into a couple slot machines and hope the next person to sit down and play one doesn’t take it out to put their own card in. You’ll get the points for all the money they spend in the machine. Go for the “trendy” newer slots like the walking dead themed one, the simpsons one, game of thrones, etc. Those machines tend to have higher minimum bets and will therefore accumulate the points quicker. They also tend to be played more by tourists rather than regulars/locals, and the locals are more likely to take your card out and put their own in. The only issue with this is that I’m not sure if you can have cards in more than two machines at a time, so you might not be able to do a bunch at once. Maybe someone can comment on this.

I’ve personally done all of these “tips” except the waiting on line one and the sticking my card in slot machines for other people to earn me points. But I have seen other people pull off the waiting in line trick, and I have forgotten my card in a slot machine many times and came back for it to find someone playing with my card still in there getting points for their play. And the using someone else’s card for free parking, the person who owns the high level card was my friend.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps some people out on their next trip to the casino! I’d be happy to answer any questions about casinos or Las Vegas for anybody who’s planning a trip out here. (Disclaimer- I don’t work for a casino I just hang out in them a lot)


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