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17 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

You may have known a handful of ladies and gentlemen who become very successful in life.

You probably have met just as many others given almost the opportunity with even better set of talents who could never do the same or go as far in their career. What was the last time you met a boss who looks like a handicap to his workers’ talent, and still be a boss?…why ? Life isn’t fair that’s why. I’m kidding.

First, let’s play a popular game people always do before sleep.

What would you do if you suddenly win tonight jackpot ?
You know, like that guy who found over $350 millions (taxed) from the Powerball couple years ago. Would you call your significant other, tell your family the news and wait for a check of $350,000,000 deposited to your bank account or keep it quiet until one day just show up on their driveway with a brand new Lamborghini?

Now you ask someone this very question, it’s almost guaranteed the first response could be very close to charity, donation and whatnot.

Yeah right. (more…)