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1. What is Local Success Directory ?

Local Success.org is an open listing directory that serves entrepreneurs an opportunity and freedom to share or promote their works, website or company.

2. What is the purpose of Local Success.org ?

There is Facebook and there is Linkedin. There is Craigslist and there is YellowPages.

Local Success Directory happens to be a fine mix of them all. It’s a place where you can shout out to the world about your business, your product or your innovative idea, efficiently and professionally just like YellowPages, yet at a more personal level like Craig-list while turning customers into royal friends and growing your social network (Facebook) in a way any entrepreneur would pledge for — both local and online. We hand you the tool that does not cost you hundreds of dollars for marketing or pr, neither it looks too cheap like a low-budget ad. Ever heard of SharkTank? Pitch your product AND your company here!

That aside, this is also a place where you can share your venture and business experience — to motivate, to inspire, to encourage others taking the road less traveled and challenging themselves out of their comfort zone. Just like you once did.

Everyone loves to read success/break-through or inspirational story, or just story in general. Any of us could easily relate if you have seen couple series of Undercover boss such as 7-Eleven, Frontier-Airline and White Castle. After the episode aired, most companies’ stock went up. Audience start to remember the brand by the image of the CEO or the person behind who runs the company. Because they now have a stronger bond, a new insight, a closer look of what the business’s mission is and its purpose — they become more connected with the company. That in reality is better than any noisy advertising billboard and tv commercials.

3. Why submit your profile listing here ?

We apply very strict validation to ensure high-quality, good ethics and great business profile from every of our listings. Each submission is an influential life venture of its own.

4. Which submissions ARE and ARE NOT allowed ?

We accept most submission. The listing must feature the person’s own profile, biography and portrait.

The profile then can have details description of their business, offers and/or products. We do not accept listing of chain stores, corporate or franchises (eg. McDonald locations, Radioshack, Apple stores, you get the idea…). However, we do accept the profile of the founder of these companies.

We do not accept Drug, Political content and other inappropriate topics. Use common sense. We have entrusted this in our talented entrepreneurs — when it comes to your turn, we have faith that you know exactly what is best to portrait your image here — in a well mannered and professional presentation.

We do not accept vague information, low-rating, bad submission. We often perform due diligence on our listings from time to time.

5. I need help submitting my listing.

Please read Listing Submission Guide.

6. Does Local Success.org offer employment ?

We currently do not. However, feel free to browse the opportunity given by our members. They usually run innovative business that blows the typical 9-5 out of water. Use your talent at the right place, where it deserves.

7. What are other ways I can promote on Local Success.org ?

We also offer optional low-cost paid services for everyone. Our website is serving local and worldwide audience, but we do our best to keep the cost affordable for everyone while maintaining a acceptable balance on server expenses. We want to provide new start-ups another solution to boost to their brand awareness besides the basic listing.

  1. Sidebar Ads : We accept a square (125×125) ad on the home page for a fee of $19/mo.
  2. Featured Listing : The system keeps your listing at the top of the page, at all time, for a fee of $99/mo.
  3. Bulk Listing Service : You can utilize our bulk listing service which grants you a capability of 100x Basic profile listings (reg. $10/mo each) for a flat fee of $109.99/mo, or 100x Premium profile listings (reg. $30/mo each) for a flat fee of $309.99/mo.

    For example, the bulk listing service for 100x Basic Profiles costs you $109.99 per month and it allows you to submit up to 100 profile listings on behalf of your clients. That is $1.10/mo vs. $10/mo direct signup. You then can bill your client the listing fee anywhere between $1.50 to $10 per month at your choice to earn a profit ($10 x 100 = $1000/mo), or to provide exposure as a complementary add-on to your main business service. In order to get accepted to providing bulk listing service, you must first have a Premium profile on Local Success directory.
  4. Guest Post : Get more attention to your business by writing us a good quality article (1,500+ words) in your related field. This service is free of cost.
  5. Sponsored Post : non-duplicated content with up to 3 hyperlinks to the partner site. Cost is $35 per post.

5. What are other ways I can reach out for fellow members or community support?

Please join our Facebook page.

8. What should I do if I do not find a matching category for my business ?

Please contact us. We listen to your feedback.

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